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I am from the wonderful state of California but moved to New York nearly four and a half years ago. I came because of my need to explore "the big adventures" just waiting for me & my now eight year old boy and because I wanted to be sure that I had indeed found the "man of my dreams"!

What I've discovered is that, adventures really are whatever the location, mood or surroundings...but you have to go claim it. It doesn't walk right up to you. You can sit and wait for it to arrive, but it won't. You MUST go and get those dreams...those big must stake your claim on life. Even when it means that it might hurt.

And as for the man of my dreams, I confirmed that I he indeed exists. But I am aware that he is here because of God's hands in our lives and genuine hard work!

Together, we are working together on our life long committment to each other. In 2005 we were married on the sandy beaches of Aruba among a handful of friends and family. We have since blended together and made a beautiful baby boy...this, my friends is where my adventures continue.